Honestly Speaking….

What is it with people in the world today?  Every time you look around, it’s something else.  Economy, religion, war, liars, cheaters, etc.  It’s almost like people have lost their ever loving minds.  The shit that they peddle for the truth and entertainment is appalling.  These pseudo-reality shows, inappropriate content for younger audiences, kids raising kids, the tube raising kids.  For the life of me I don’t understand when, what seems like a total disconnect, actually happened.  When did stuff get to this point?  Who started to make some of this stuff that goes down acceptable?

People feeling like they entitled to stuff, myself included, saying shit like “I’m not everybody”.  So who the f*** am I?  Who the f*** are you?  Are we that much different from one another?  I mean I can understand why people don’t want to be associated with certain things, labeled or lumped into certain groups or categories.  There are very negative stigmas that are out there and I wouldn’t want to be lumped into certain categories either, but honestly, am I any better than the next person?  Am I that special that I should fit into my own category.  I used to say that a lot, “Don’t compare me to them, I’m not everybody”.  Then I realized, I am just like everybody else.  I cry, I bleed, I hurt, I experience emotions (and my God, have I experienced a wide range of them over the past couple of weeks).

I’m just like you, I’m just like anybody else.  I treat people as I want to be treated.  Now some may say that lately I’ve been short, I’ve been mean.  By no means am I trying to come across with any malice or malicious intent.  I’m just trying to change the way I approach matters.  Only saying what is necessary and nothing more.  It’s much like the game last night where Peyton Manning and the Colts only had the ball for less than fifteen minutes of the game but they still won.  They used their time efficiently, effectively moved the ball down the field, executed and capitalized on the moment.

That’s all I’m trying to do.  I’m just trying to be more efficient and effective with how I use my time.  I don’t want to waste my time or the time of anybody else.  The other thing is I try to treat everybody with the same level of respect.  I’m a very impartial cat, didn’t always be that way.  I used to have my own biased opinions and approach about life.  Once I started having different experiences and learning different things, it opened my mind up to a whole other range of possibilities and realities.  It’s not just about me, it’s not just about you, it’s more about how we are able to live with each other rather than how we can continue to be divided.

These are just my thoughts, and as always, I may or not be right, or you may agree or disagree with what I say and how I think.  I’m okay with that, I just want to be able to share my thoughts and speak honestly.

As always, I’ll still luv ya tomorrow…..



  1. manuel ortiz

    Yo jim i feel where u coming from, sometimes i think how this generation of kids r coming up. It ain’t like back in the day when we were kids most of our cartoons were based on good vs evil, we had shows like different strokes that touched on a lot of topics, nowadays these cartoons promote stupidity, ignorance, and straight nonsense. Shows such as spongebob etc.. r a prime example. As far as kids raising kids, the average kid nowadays dont ‘t have both parents at home and the average parent is underage. Most of these kids aren’t being guided and due to the fact their making their own choices in life. I’m just so blessed to have been raised by my mom and dad the way i was. I love life and i dont take anything 4 granted. My purpose is 2 be the best dad a son could ever have and love my family and friends and i’ll leave the rest in god’s hands. Rember this quote(leave the past in the past, 2morrow is not promised and 2day is just a gift…I guess that’s why it’s the present)! And by the way congrats on the blog, I was digging the pride and relationship joint, I aint comment cause i had a little 2 much 2 say, but anyways keep it up jim, holla @ ya boy!

    • bonebody

      It is definitely a different environment out there. Most programming we had coming up had a theme, had moral lessons and still maintained a high level of entertainment value. Nowadays people are getting paid for being buffoons or portraying images that are less than stellar. It’s like nobody even care about our future any more. It’s just like how Howard Beale said in this movie Network, made back in 1976. He was saying how things in our country are decaying and the value of our lives is basically in turmoil. We’re becoming humanoids. People are being manufactured even more these days and it’s the mass media that is at the forefront of it all, telling us what to eat, how to dress, what to think, how to speak, etc. It’s like nobody has their own thoughts these days. Nobody is living their own lives. I heard the saddest shit in the world the other at work. We were discussing the stupefying decrease in the quality of education in our country. It was a survey conducted in a Oklahoma High School and it said that only one out of four students could name who the first president of the US was (http://www.news9.com/global/story.asp?s=11141949). What kind of sad shit is that? Granted not everybody really know exactly how George Washington got down (slave owner, Mason, etc..) but still, that’s supposed to be a very critical part of the design of this nation. I have other things to say about all that, but I’ll digress and leave that for another discussion, but come on man…

      It’s just freaking terrible these days brother. Oh and a friend of mine mentioned how she seen two chicks getting down in front of an elementary school. Two women, just kissing and groping each other in front of where children are going to learn. No wonder there’s so much bullshit going on in schools and homes cause this is the stuff that they see on a regular basis. Now I ain’t got a problem with people doing what they do, everybody has a right to do as they please, but you should have some type of common decency and respect for others and not subject them to this type of activity. It’s bonkers out here. Anyway… I can go all day with how I feel… But thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts…

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