What does change look like??  Can you even recognize change when it happens?  People make these proclamations, myself included, about how things are going to change and how they are going to turn over a new leaf.  But are we willing to accept everything that comes along with those changes?  That’s the difference in whether or not change is possible or not, well at least this is what I believe to be true.  Change is more than just updating a status message, or deleting “friends” off of a social networking site, or moving to a different area.  Some people will say, yeah I changed, I did all these things, but things will still remain the same.  Because no matter how much of our external images we alter, the things that we hold inside remain the same.  That’s the true challenge and testament of change.  When you are willing to commit a strong-sense of thinking and apply critical thought to that in which you engage yourself in.  This goes from the way you view others, your own thought pattern, your religious beliefs, etc.  If you are truly ready to change, then everything you come across should be suspect.

That’s where a lot of people will start to feel uncomfortable and start to take things personally.  When what we believe in comes under ridicule, we become defensive, rather than open-minded.  I don’t knock anybody for what they “believe” but ask yourself, do I believe this because I have taken in all the information that I could possibly gather and applied some logic and reason to it?  Or do I believe this because I have been told to believe it; out of fear of persecution or ridicule from others?  Because if I don’t believe what others believe I won’t be accepted; I’ll be an outcast, subjugated to the will of the masses.  Where is the freedom in that?

I can go to a different level with that, but to bring it back to the point at hand:  Change is constant.  Where an individual may feel like they cannot change a situation, feeds into a fallacious energy and state of being.  You can always change how you think about something though.  Look at it from a different perspective if you dare.  But in the end, change isn’t enough.  As I mentioned before, you have to be willing to accept everything that comes along with that change.  Same thing with the “truth”; which is a relevant term and should not be used as a universal concept.  What’s true to me, is true to me because of what I have been exposed to; my level of understanding and the experiences that I have had are what shape my truth.  If we came from different backgrounds, our concepts of what is “true” or “not true” will vary, because anything we believe, or were taught to believe, came down from a different set of eyes and shared experiences.  But you have a choice, you can either accept or reject that which has been presented to you.

So for change to be possible, one must not just change their exterior image, but should also be willing to go deeper into their being and challenge themselves and what they believe in.  You can put a dress and makeup on a donkey, but it’ll still be an ass…..



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  2. Seema

    Spoken like a man who’s on a path of change himself. I’m so feeling this. Change has to start with ” IN” on ones own time . Not by the hand of any one else.

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