The One….

“Become the one you seek, rather than waiting for the one that may never show.” – Bonebody

I usually like to start my days off by going to and kinda randomly select a quote that fits in with how I am feeling at the time. But on this morning, it was my own words that inspired me. Profound they are, truthful in every way, shape and form, and can be applied to many facets of one’s existence if you allow it to be.

People tend to live their entire lives with the idea that there is this perfect road, which leads to this magical place and if they did certain tasks or had certain resources in their lives, that somehow life will be that much better. People tend to have these fantasies of living the perfect life, one free of pain and suffering, free of drama and strife. Well in a perfect world all of this would be attainable, only problem with that is, THIS IS NO PERFECT WORLD….. “I already know that…” you might say. I’m sure you do, but there are people out there that still live their lives as if this is true. But let’s not stray from what I came to say…

You have been searching your whole life for that “One”. That “One” can be the perfect job, the perfect home, the perfect mate, the perfect set of circumstances, etc. People get so wrapped up in the concept of the external things, that they tend to neglect the most important element of all, the oneness that lies within. You see, with all of the previously mentioned ideas, you are key to making it all happen. Things aren’t just going to populate out of thin air. At times it may seem that way, especially when we are on the outside of somebody else life looking in. All things on Earth, in this physical form, are relatively attainable, as long as they are realistic in scope; relative to your personal experience and environment that is.  Truth be told, you already possess everything it is that you need.  You have power and capabilities beyond measure, the only thing holding it all back is YOU.  Sounds like a Tony Robbins spiel or something huh??  But on the real, there is much truth to all this.

What I want to leave you with is a simple message:  Any and everything that you seek in this world can be yours.  Stop waiting for things to be given to you and go out and make it happen.  Stop waiting for the perfect opportunity and create the perfect opportunity.  Stop waiting for Mr./Mrs. Perfect and become the type of mate you want in your life.  If you want a mate that is self-sufficient, independent, mild-mannered, God-fearing, respectful, decent, working, etc., then don’t you think you should embody and imbue those same qualities?  If you want that perfect job, don’t you think you need to work a little harder, go the extra length and earn that job?  I don’t understand what makes people think that they are going to somehow luck up and fall into certain situations.  Nah man, we have to be the one to make things happen.  If it hasn’t happened yet, it doesn’t mean that it’s not meant to be, it just means that you may not be fully prepared to receive whatever it is that you think you want….

So without beating this blog into the ground, the message is simple:  Be the change that you want to achieve in this life.  Be the one that you seek.  We are the masters of our own destinies.  The only limitations that we have are the ones we allow others and even ourselves to place upon us.  Break free from that cycle of thought and make your own way in this life.  Be blessed and truly be free….



  1. Tay

    You my friend are preaching to the choir. This weekend I was just discussing with my husband how I’m ready to make a career move and set new goals. I picked up my cell this morning to search for something on safari and your page was up and loaded. Talk about a sign 😉 I do believe in speaking it into existence. Thanks Jim for motivating me not to just speak about it but to be about it. God Bless

  2. janine

    U hit the nail on the head .I am so richer in having been able to reap in your truth of what is. I am that person u r inspiring today. Thank God. In as so much, I wish upon u all of the energy u need to move.~~may the joy be with you ~~

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