The Journey

I had a dream the other day.  I was walking along this path filled with familiar scenes.  I saw my elementary school, the park I used to play in, friends and family members laughing and having a good time.  As I continued my journey, the path began to get darker and colder.  The sites weren’t as familiar nor were they friendly.  I was beginning to experience feelings of dread and loneliness.  Heart began to race, sweat rushing from my pores.  But something inside of me said to keep pushing.  So I continued my walk.  The path didn’t seem like it was getting any better.  The strange part about it though is that no matter how far I walked down this path, I could still hear the laughter of my family and friends; I could still see the school and park.  But all of this was behind me.  I wanted to go back so bad, but again something inside of me kept saying keep pushing.  So I continued my walk.  The path seemed endless, lots of twists and turns, lots of scary moments, small obstacles obstructing the pathways.  At times it felt as if I couldn’t get over a lot of these hurdles, but something inside of me kept me pushing forward.  I figured that I walked this far, no sense in turning back now.

So after what seemed like hours and hours of walking, I came to a clearing.  From this clearing there were two paths.  One was clearly marked as “The Land of Familiarity”.  The other didn’t have any identifiable markings.  The odd part about it was there was a fairly unused duffle bag sitting out front.  I moved towards the duffle bag and inventoried the items inside.  There was a bottle of water, a shovel, some hiking boots, a weed whacker and a wool blanket.  I was puzzled.  As I was standing there in front of that path, I noticed a piece of wood sticking up from the ground behind some overgrown grass.  It was a sign that read “The Road Less Traveled”.  Now, I was faced with a predicament; do I go enter into the land of familiarity or do I go down the road less traveled.  I began to remember my previous journey.  The one filled with the twists and turns, the darkness and the cold; the obstacles and hurdles, the lonesome feeling, the fear.  I began to look around and reasoned in my mind that if I somehow went through all of that and came out just fine, then traveling down this road shouldn’t be so bad.

So I put on the boots, they actually were my size and seemed to hug my feet with a comfort that I had never experienced in my life.  I threw the duffle bag on my back and began to venture off.  The growth was very thick ahead.  I had to use the weed whacker to clear the path as I started my journey.  I found that this path, although not as scary as the previous one, was actually much harder to get through because I had to clear it for myself.  As I was clearing the path, I was beginning to find all types of jewels and treasures, money, artifacts, etc.  So as I found these items, I would place them in the duffle bag and continue walking.  I was walking again for what seemed like hours.  When I was thirsty, I drank the water, when I was cold and tired I used the blanket to keep me warm.

I walked and walked and finally came to what seemed like the end.  It was a big mountain with a very narrow passageway.  There was something carved out in the mountain.  Looked like some sort of writing.  So I walked up to it, used some of my water to clean the area off so I could read the words that were etched in stone.  It read:  “If you’ve made it this far then this means that you are ready to move forward.  But before you can enter, you must bury all of the treasures and artifacts that you have found.  You will not this where you are going”.  I was like damn!!!  This was some nice stuff too.  I can’t believe I can’t take any of this with me.  So, I picked a plot and started digging with the shovel.  As I was digging, I noticed that there were other duffle bags buried beneath the Earth.  I found that to be rather odd, but I didn’t think too much of it.  As I tossed the duffle bag into the hole, I noticed a box sitting not too far from where I was digging.  It seemed as if it came out of nowhere.  So I opened the box and in it were a notebook and a pen.  There were instructions written on the front of the notebook read:  “Greetings weary traveler.  He who discovers this box must follow the directions carefully.  With this pen, write down all that you have learned on this journey.  Write your fears, sorrows and worries in this book.  After you are done, take this book and bury it with the treasures that you have gathered and then be on your way.”

Again I was puzzled, but complied with the instructions.  I wrote down everything that I felt and saw on my journey.  I wrote down the fear I felt walking this path alone, the difficulties in clearing the path, the coldness that I felt.  But I also wrote down how much better it made me feel to know that I could get through it all and that no matter how much I wanted to quit, I never gave up.  I closed the book, threw it in the hole with the duffle bag, covered it back up and walked through the passageway.  As I began to walk, I could feel the earth starting to loosen under my feet.  Normally I would be fearful, but I was surprisingly calm.  The longer I walked the looser the ground was under my feet.  I began to slide down the path.  I wanted to get scared again, but I felt exhilaration.  As I was sliding down this path I looked to the left and right of me and I saw other people sliding down as well.  This was the first time that I had seen anybody on any of these paths.  They had the same look on their faces that I felt inside, one of extreme calm, but of utter exhilaration.  All of a sudden and without warning we flew off the end of the path and into seemed as if we were flying through the air for a moment.  We landed in a body of water.  After we landed we began to laugh and clean ourselves off.  It was at that point that I noticed something.  I knew these people.  It was my family and friends that I thought I had left behind…….

We must all travel our own paths and lead our own lives.  As long as we trust in ourselves and never give up, we can get through any obstacles that stand before us.  And even though the path may seem lonely and scary, at the end of the day we will always somehow find ourselves back around those that we love; because if those bonds of love truly exist, even if you do somehow go down your own path, you will undoubtedly end up in the same place.  So listen to that inner voice that keeps you pushing, trust yourself and know that no matter what, you will be just fine in the end.  I’ll still luv ya tomorrow…..


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