“Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down.” ~ Natalie Goldberg


At some point in our existence or our development, we will all be faced with some form or degree of stress.  Whether it be physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, acute, chronic, etc., stress is unavoidable, however it is very manageable (M. Cruz 2010).  A lot of the things people stress are oftentimes situations that are self-created and self-perpetuated.  It is easy to get worked up over something, especially if we disagree with or don’t fully understand exactly what is going on.  When people are faced with adversity, more times than not, they will take offense or find some exception with whatever was said or whatever it is that is going on.  This just works to add unnecessary drama to one’s life.

Like I stated earlier, stress is going to happen, but you can manage it or find healthier ways to deal with stressful situations.  These include removing yourself from the environment that is causing the stress, taking a few deep breaths and calming your body down, or simply not doing anything.  I’m not one to promote inactivity, however there are times when doing nothing is your option; when keeping quiet will prove to be the wisest move.  Other things a person can do to manage stress: proper diet, exercise, quit smoking, minimize alcohol consumption.  A healthy body is vital to combating stress, as well as having a healthy mind; read positive literature, challenge and stimulate your brain, play Sudoku, crossword puzzles, meditate.

Whatever it is that is bothering you, trust and believe, it is not that serious.  Even if it is a matter of dire circumstance, it soon shall pass.  Eventually you’ll have to accept what has happened and continue on.  We cannot take anything that exists in this physical world with us to the world beyond.  Learn to let certain matters go.  Ultimately, if you continue to harp on or dwell about things that are bothering you or that stress you out, it will continue to exist and may cause an untimely demise.  Don’t get yourself so bent out of shape where you lose sight of what it is that you are doing or where it is that you want to be.

Understand that your life is a treasure to be valued and appreciated.  That you are a very powerful being that can accomplish just about anything.  The more you continue to stress, the less powerful you become.  Eliminate the stressors and distractions that add undesirable energy to your life.  Yeah I know, it’s easier said than done, but like I always, it’s better to say you’ve tried than to have not done anything at all.

Live healthy, praise daily and continue to grow.  I’ll still luv ya tomorrow…..



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