On This Day

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.” ~ W. T. Purkiser

I can say so much about the meaning and origin of this day.  It’s roots, the stigma attached to it, lives that were changed by it, etc….  But I won’t.  Things change, people change; it’s an inevitability, a certainty; something that we all must come to terms with.  But on this day I want to focus on the positive aspects of Thanksgiving; what it means to me, what I am grateful for and how everything fits in it.

So what am I thankful for?  Well, first and foremost, I am thankful that the God of my understanding has blessed me with another opportunity to write today and share my thoughts with you all.  I am thankful that God allowed for me to spend time with my family.  I am thankful that God has blessed me with a wonderful and kindhearted woman; a woman who has helped me to renew my trust and faith in love; a woman who I want to share my fears and life with.  It’s funny cause it all came at a time when I was almost convinced that I had “commitment phobia”.  But some how she was able to penetrate through my defenses and capture the rally flag that represents my heart [sappy I know, but that’s how she makes me feel].

Let’s see….  Oh, I am thankful for having some incredible people in my life that I can call my friends.  I have some very special bonds and relationships with many of you out there.  While I may not be as visible or available as I once was, it doesn’t take away from the fact that I still care about you all.  Through the good times and the bad; ups and downs, changes and turnarounds, many of you have stuck with me and put up with my madness.  I can only hope that you all continue to rock with me.

So as we move forward on this day, count your blessings and don’t take what you already have for granted.  Be thankful for what you have.  It may not be how we want, but it is what it is.  I never really liked that term but it’s something that I have finally learned to accept.  So let’s keep it moving people, continue to strive for better and live your life for you….

I’ll still luv ya tomorrow….


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