I’m Here For You… Or At Least I Want To Be….

In times of bereavement or moments that seem too difficult to cope with, the words “I’m here for you”, at the time, may seem like the best thing in the world to hear or to say to an individual. People have used this phrase to show sympathy or compassion towards others; as a way to prove their loyalty or devotion. But “I’m here for you” does not always equate to something positive.

There exist people that will use this phrase for nefarious purposes; as a means of taking advantage of a person or situation. The victim is usually too caught up in their own emotions to even recognize that they are being used or set up. This is what the perpetrator is betting on.

But even this person may not even be aware they are setting someone up. You got people that like nothing more than to see a person fail. So when you hear these people say, “I’m here for you” they are really saying “I’m just here to see you fail or to see you in pain”. Hopefully there’s more people wanting to see you succeed rather than fail.

Whether good or bad, people make a lot of promises. When promises are made, especially in times of distress or despair, more often than not, they are expecting people to make good on those promises. When such a promise is broken, it can lead to even more disappointment and sorrow. So instead of you being “a dear friend” you have now become the unreliable friend.

People have the best intentions in the world, but they don’t always think things through before responding or reacting to situations. You don’t want to seem like the bad guy in the situation but at the same time you don’t want to continually put yourself out there and have people become totally dependent on you. Balance is something that every person should strive for.

All in all, we have to keep in mind that everybody has issues; that all things are subject to change. We should make sure we are able to fulfill certain obligations before committing ourselves to them; we should also remain open and understanding when things do pop up and force us to renege on those things. And lastly, no matter what anybody tells you, it’s okay to say no sometimes. Hell, that’s probably the best thing for some people.

So next time you find yourself about to say “I’m here for you” think about it long and hard and ask yourself will you really be there when the time calls for it?

I’ll still luv ya tomorrow……..


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