“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” ~ Seneca

All things in existence eventually face a point where they will cease to exist; at least in the form they are currently in. When we start things in life, rarely do we ponder the idea of these things ending, especially if it’s something that we enjoy or that we have become attached to. We take for granted the fact that what we see and do today may not be available to us tomorrow.

That’s why it’s important for us to cherish and be appreciative of all that life has to offer. But we must also be prepared to allow certain things to end and move on. We may not want to let go of some things, whether it be material, something that we enjoy doing, memories, thoughts, relationships, etc. but in the grand scheme of things, it’s the nature of our existence.

I used to hide behind the character of Bonebody. I mean why not? People seemed to like the persona, I know I did. But it was nothing more than a cover-up, an attempt to masquerade the person that I really am. I’ve done it for so long that, quite frankly, I was no longer able to recognize who I was anymore. Was I really everything that Bonebody represented?

In the end, I don’t regret doing any of the things that I have done. I met quite a few interesting people, been around the world and back again. I had, well actually I still have it pretty good, better than most actually. But, it’s time to let go of the past and embrace the present and look forward to the future. I’m realizing more and more each day what’s most important in my life. It’s not to be wildly popular or to amass material wealth, it’s about satisfying my soul, having peace of mind and being happy.

I will never forget where I came from, nor will I forget the individuals that helped me along the way; all of which helped mold me into the man that I am today. And today I stand a man who is strong in conviction, ready to explore what life has in store and not dwell or try to live in or romanticize about the past.

I have a wonderful life ahead of me. A reinvigorated spirit, a renewed passion and somebody special to share it all with. What a difference a year can make; can’t wait to see what these next 59 have to show….

I’ll still luv ya tomorrow…..



  1. Ron

    I never knew you were this deep Jimmy! But I should of known from the brief conversations we’d had about life. Interesting post, I will stay tuned!

  2. thepowerinmoreDe

    Absolutely clearly expressed introspection of mind, heart and moods; and matching photo at the head of the site for ambiance. This intended signature of truth-uncovered, I recognized, and I’ll read more by following as I offer my humble support.

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