E-Books vs Real Books…. The Choice is Yours.

This is an interesting post. I usually don’t reblog but I felt compelled to do so with this one. I have my own thoughts on the future of digital distribution but I believe this post does a good job in sparking a discussion about these things. This doesn’t solely apply to books but it can have implications about various forms of media and content that people access. I’ll elaborate in a future post but for now enjoy.

And as always, I’ll still luv ya tomorrow….

Dysfunctional Literacy



Are e-readers turning book lovers into e-vil readers? 

Ugh.  I just punched myself in the face. 

Authors Richard Russo and Stephen King have announced plans to make some of their new releases unavailable to online stores (like Amazon) or on e-readers. 

Richard Russo (author of Empire Falls, which won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2002) is releasing a new book Interventions, but he is not allowing his book to be purchased online or on e-readers.  Stephen King is doing the same thing with his soon(?)-to-be-released Joyland. 

This means that if you want to read Interventions or Joyland you may actually have to buy (or borrow) a real book at a bookstore or library and then turn real pages. Both authors say that they are going e-bookless with these releases because of their love for actual books.  

Maybe an actual book with pages is morally (too…

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