Ebbs and Flows

Definitely worth the read. I believe I have hit an ebb in my writing. Well, it’s either that or I just don’t give a shit about too many things that are going on right now. All that matters to me at this point is my family, mainly my relationship with my wife and my children. Everything and everybody else is not that important at the moment. And when I say that I don’t give a shit, I’m not being a malcontent, it’s just that my priorities and interests are a little different than they were before. I’m still the same ole Jimmy through and through and I’ll still luv ya tomorrow but today I’m looking at things from a different perspective….

The Daily Post

All writer’s experience ebbs and flows in their writing. In fact, the photo above is a telegram from the writer Dorothy Parker to her editor, apologizing for being unable to finish her work. As we move into the second half of 2012, you may be feeling a bit like Ms. Parker herself or  or looking to infuse your blogging goals with a new zest for life. If so, take a look at these tried and true tips for working through a writing lull.

Write, without expectation: Whether you’re completely at a loss for words, or just feeling blasé about blogging lately, keep writing. Writer’s block most often comes from the pressure we put on ourselves to write something profound every single time we click on that “Add New Post” button. If you allow yourself to write freely and without expectation, you will stumble upon a new thought or phrase that…

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  1. seapunk2

    I agree with paralaxvu, you are not the only one thinking and feeling this way.
    So many of us who think, cry, or cry inside. We cleave to those we love and can find contentment with.
    I’ll suggest you step outside and find the small things in the natural world which will trigger the childlike wonder you have inside.. I can feel it, I know it’s there. Take a child with you, look at what’s important.
    We can’t fill our minds with the horrors of life, but give those only the little dark corner.
    The rest, we fill with love. The people we love, animals and the precious things on earth.
    Take the time to watch the National Geographic Documentary http://tvhumboldt.com/natgeo.html for starters. It’ll give you the perspective that will tip you over into the peace of mind range. 🙂

  2. paralaxvu

    You’re definitely not the only one feeling that way, Jimmy. I see a lot of blogs of reblogs lately, have done it myself. Wanting to let people know we still care but there are other things we care more about , that’s good. That’s life. Even schools (well, some) go on vacation in the summertime. I’ll be waiting for you when you get back…

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