Thoughts: Mass Murder in a Wisconsin Sikh Temple + Hatred

Something very wrong has been happening in this country for a very long time. This isn’t anything new yet there seems to be no solution or explanation as to why some individuals act out in such violent ways. The other thing I wonder is did this incident get as much coverage as other incidents? In any event this is just sad news and what’s even more depressing is that it these things will continue to happen…..

The YouTube Politician

One thing that I can never wrap my head around is the question “What motivates someone to kill innocent people?” 

This post isn’t going to be about the details of the shooting, I just want to share a few words. If you aren’t informed then I encourage you to read the following articles to learn about the atrocity that occurred just a few days ago.

CNN Article

TIME Article

The shooting is appalling enough alone… But just 12 days after the massive shooting in Colorado? You will not find mass murders so close together in many other civilized countries. In fact, you will hardly find any firearm murders at all when you compare a country to the U.S.’s statistics. Anyone who has watched the documentary Bowling for Columbine understands this fact very, very well (although I don’t like Michael Moore, he did present notable facts). So why are we so…

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  1. seapunk2

    There are many somethings wrong here. Have you read “Lies My Teacher Told Me?” It raises many questions and attempts to answer, or allow us to answer the why you ask. And if this incident (I don’t like using the word ‘incident’ as it seems to make the event seem minor) didn’t get the same attention or press, the reason is clear to me. Color. Race. Religion. It sickens me. I don’t know if prejudice will ever end, but I would love to see this in my lifetime. I doubt I will. I’ll die with the deep hurt for what people have to suffer and have suffered. OUCH…

    • jimcolv

      You and I both. Sadly I don’t see us holding hands and singing Kumbaya in my lifetime. What’s even more sad is that people say that race relations are better than they once were.

      Now, I wasn’t around in the days of segregation and Jim Crow, but if people say that things were worse before then that’s a pretty unsettling feeling because I for sure don’t believe things are all good, but that’s purely my opinion and based on my relative experience.

      • seapunk2

        I’ve had a short story (post) or two, in my head for some time, and this seems an appropriate time to write it. I’d like you to read it. I’ll let you know when, and the title.
        There are things that I witnessed as a child which puzzled me, and even then, I hurt inside for people and sometimes, I think that’s what makes me different. I see.

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