Back From Manternity Leave

“Had to take some manternity leave, so I could just chill and get away from my problems/took time to kick it with the wifey and the newborn but I’m right back to postpartum stardom.” ~ Phonte

What’s going on world? I had disappeared for a minute, wanted to take some time away from the world, away from all the bullshit and negativity.  I found myself in a bit of a rut; experiencing a bit of writer’s block. Well… If I really stop to think about it, maybe it wasn’t writer’s block. Truthfully I found myself turning into an angry writer; nothing like another angry blogger that happens to be black (might not be a bad idea for a satirical blog).

Just about everything that was going on from shit in the news, to the election coverage, the scandals, the bullying; all of that stuff had me ready to really give up on America.  Don’t get me wrong, I just posted about my extreme love and appreciation for my country tis of thee, but I was really starting to hate Americans. I love America, but I can’t stand some Americans (sort of like how Chris Rock loves black people but can’t stand n… well, you should get the point by now).

But then I had to take a step back from it all and put things into perspective. My wife appreciates the fact that I am so passionate about things but she says I allow myself to get too worked up, especially over things of which I have absolutely no control. So I said fine, I just need to let it all go and focus on what is in from of me. So I enjoyed the little time that I was home with my wife, took a nice little vacation, spent time not worrying about the news, no laptop, no iPad.

 It was just me and my baby… Having a party…. Dancing to the music… On the radio…. ♫

*Sorry, had an old school Sam Cooke moment….

Anyway, as the quote at the onset of the post alludes (dope song by the way if you’re a fan of true hip-hop music: Can’t Let Her by Little Brother), I took some manternity leave. Yes, I am going to petition to have that word placed in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary one day. Hell, if “F-Bomb”, “sexting”, and “aha moment” are making it into the English lexicon then manternity should be allowed as well. I even have a definition for it:

Man-ter-ni-ty \’man-‘tǝr-nǝ-tē\


1 a: the quality or state of being a man : manhood

b: the qualities of a man : manliness


: granted to a man <manternity leave><manternity rights>

I believe every man has the right to, no; it is every man’s duty to take a little time for him, say fuck the world and do him. You have to be careful when performing though because you can easily be seen as being an overly selfish, self-absorbed narcissist, a douchebag or just a plain ole asshole. As with anything, you must do this in moderation. Ensure you are balancing everything out, and of course never skirt responsibility. But don’t listen to me; I’m just talking my shit. You got to do what’s going to work for you and nobody else.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the ramblings of this man. It feels good to be writing again. Sucks that I’m half a world away from my beautiful wife but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Back to the grind….

I’ll still luv ya tomorrow….



  1. Mystic Memories

    I can’t believe that isn’t already a word!!
    I’m a new follower (having not discovered you earlier!) So I’m gonna spend some time catching up. 🙂 (and I gotta love that bit of Sam Cooke in the middle there!)

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