How Do I Love Thee….

Anybody that knows me would tell you how much of a sucker for love I am. I make no apologies for how I feel nor do I hide how I feel especially when it comes to things that I care deeply about. Well, this post it dedicated a woman, whom from the time we started interacting, has had me under her spell. I fell madly in love with this woman and I don’t have no plans of falling out of love.

And who is this woman that I speak of? None other than my beautiful wife, Adella. I love her to the depth, and the breadth, and the height that my being can reach. She epitomizes the ideal of a virtuous woman. She is not impetuous, scatterbrained, or unpredictable. She instills in me the confidence that a man needs in order to carry on. In return I am able to have complete trust and respect for her.

We have a great understanding and respect for our roles towards one another. While she does bring me good, she will give me hell when I am anything less than what I should be. To me, that’s what a good wife and partner is supposed to do; praise their spouse when all is well and be vocal when things are not. Luckily I have experienced more praise than hell and I intend to keep it that way.

I learned a long time ago that a happy wife makes a happy life. My life is a testament to that very saying. I have no worries, no stress, no issues, well not any bad issues at least. My wife and I have, what we consider to be, good issues. We don’t bicker with each other over trivialities. Rather we spend that time enjoying each other’s company and being present with one another.

Like I said, I have no worries with my wife. She always thinks things through before committing to something. She’s the most thoughtful, caring and devoted woman I have ever known and I am so proud to call her my wife. Oh and did I mention that she is the most beautiful and sexiest woman I have ever been with? Yeah, that’s no exaggeration. I get lost looking into her eyes and I am always ready to…. Well, yeah, I think that’s a little bit too much information….

So, here on this day, our first full year of matrimony, I recommit my solemn vow of remaining true to you in good times and in bad; in sickness and in health for as long as God will allow us to be. You’ve made the last two years of my life the greatest two years I have ever experienced. I don’t know what God’s plan for our future is but as long as it involves us remaining together, I’m all with it. You are my greatest inspiration and the reason I am a more complete man today. Your love healed my broken spirit and continues to fuel my existence. Happy Anniversary babe. I will love you always and forever and throughout the universe….


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