Get Him to the Geek!!!

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a bit of a geek. I absolutely love electronics. I love trying to figure out how certain things work. I love trying to solve (seemingly) complex issues. You know how a lot of men like to get up under cars and take them apart, talk about guns, sports, etc.

Well, I don’t too much about cars; if the shit has four wheels, some gas and starts up that’s all I need to know (although I have changed out my own brakes once). I know nothing about guns except for my M16A2 rifle that I used to lug around when I was a soldier. I can talk sports but I’m not a total fanatic. I just enjoy watching the game. I have been trying to figure out all of these different formations and plays that are ran in football (got tired of getting my ass beat in Madden on PS3).

But I know me some electronics. I know how computers and networks function. I can break down the OSI model and TCP/IP protocol stack. I can give you a detailed tour of a system board, explain the difference between RAM and a HDD, rattle off the different bus architectures that computers use. I can disassemble just about any desktop or laptop device and put it back together and most times get it to function much more efficiently than it did before. And I get paid a nice piece of change teaching about these things as well.

I’m about to add a new skill set to my repertoire: data recovery. Have you ever had a hard drive that crashed on you? One day you plug the thing into your computer and it’s working flawlessly. No troubles in the world. Then all of a sudden you go back to that drive a few days later and your computer no longer recognizes it. Panic settles. The sweat starts to percolate upon your brow. You’re in a frenzy because you feel like you’ve lost all your, what you may consider, important data files.

That happened to me a few days ago. I had a 2TB hard drive that was about half full with movies and videos. I mean it was some high quality shit too. Took me a few years of pillaging the internet and the hard drives of friends and co-workers to amass the collection that I had. All of a sudden they were gone. My heart sunk. I felt like my whole world had come crashing down. Those files were my lifeline out here. There isn’t too much to do in Afghanistan. In a panic, I formatted the drive thinking all had been lost. Why’d I do that?

Luckily, the geek within me came started to go to work. I spent hours on Google looking at various ways to try to recover my lost data. All signs started to point to nowhere. That was until I took a step back and realized that I already had the tools that I needed to make things all better again. So I popped in my Hiren’s Boot CD, which is a fucking Godsend, and scanned through the apps that were available for data recovery. I saw hope once again.

Now, data recovery is not always easy as one, two, three. You really need to have a great deal of patience to sit there and allow these programs to do their thing. Not all data recovery software will work how you would like it to though. Sometimes you’re gonna have to sit there and play with a bunch of options until you have the program configured properly to ensure that you are maximizing its use.

Luckily I had a 1TB drive that had a lot of my original files on it. I had transferred a lot of the files from that older drive to the 2TB drive that crashed and burned. Well after a few scans and finger crossing, I have been able to recover a good portion of the files that I lost. I’m not 100% satisfied but it is a start. My next task is to use what I learned on this drive and see if I can actually recover files off that 2TB drive that I formatted.

No more WD My Book drives for me!!!

So what have we learned? First, if you ever experience an issue with a drive not being recognized no more, don’t do what I do and format the damn thing. Just chill on out, grab yourself some software (may need five or six different programs sometimes), do your due diligence and make the magic happen. Also, stay the fuck away from Western Digital external drives. They are total crap, at least in my experience. Don’t ever just throw your old hard drive away, unless it is absolutely busted (I’m talking physically busted like someone taking a hammer to it and going to town… that b****). If all else fails and you have completely run out of patience and options, just get it to the geek!!!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I plan to start my own tech blog which will serve to compliment the curriculum that I teach. It is also a good way to earn these continuing education units that I am going to need to keep my certifications valid. So if you’re a geek at heart or you’re not a geek but have found yourself interested in how certain things that buzz and beep work, keep a look out for the debut of my new blog coming to WordPress very soon. I don’t know what the hell I’m going to call it but I know it’s got to be funky…..

I’ll still luv ya tomorrow….



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