I’m Truly Thankful

Pardon me if I seem all over the place at times, but I just feel compelled to share what’s on my heart and mind. All this man has out here is time and thoughts and an unabashed will to share what I am thinking with the world. Right or wrong, it’s just what I’m feeling at the time…. ~ Simply Jimmy

While some people are spending time with their families and enjoying a nice holiday meal, there are some people out there who are less fortunate. There are people among us who have no place to eat, no family to break bread with, no hope, no passion, no love for self or others. After the turkey carving and the wine sipping, some people will take a cat nap, wake up and venture off to a department store to spend their hard-earned money on discounted items and low in stock in the event that has become known as “Black Friday”. Some people will be lucky to just wake up at all, let alone worry about striking out to overcrowded places to spend money they really don’t even have.

Being away from my family and everything that I know and love has a way of making me reflect on things probably a little deeper than I’d like. The distance also helps me to keep things in perspective; makes me truly appreciate not just my family: my beautiful wife, my two sons, my mother and father, my in-laws, my brothers; those are all a given. Nah, it makes me appreciate things in life that I see a lot of people take for granted: freedom of speech, freedom of choice, running water, food, clothing, the five senses, etc.

I appreciate the fact that I’m a citizen of a country that allows me to express myself in any way I see fit, so as long as I am not a threat to anyone to include myself. A country where I can speak out against my government and fellow countrymen without fear of persecution or death, unlike those in other seemingly “tyrannical” or radical nations (although I feel as if we have our own form of tyranny and radicalism).

I am thankful that there are people who are out there that don’t mind reading the thoughts that I have. That don’t judge what I say, openly at least, but simply come with an open mind and take my words and thoughts for what they are. I am thankful that there is a forum for people like me to ramble on and/or vent our frustrations and ask questions that we may never know the answers to, but just want to engage in some sort of dialogue; connect with others in the world for no reason at all or ulterior motives and hidden agendas.

I am thankful for the experiences that I have had in life, both good and bad, for they made me the man I am today and continue to shape who I will be tomorrow. I am not the same as I was yesterday, nor may I be the same tomorrow as I am today. But the thing I will strive to remain is honest; honest in thought and deed. It’s not always the words that one uses that have much power but it’s the way in which they carry themselves that truly defines who they are. I can admit that I have not always heeded to my advice or walked the most righteous path. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to wake up every day and live life all over again.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give an extra special thank you to my loving wife who has endured so much in the short time we have been together. Who has been as patient with me as any human being can, especially when dealing with the many complexities of my life. Who loves me, seemingly at times, more than I love myself. Who is a fighter, not only for herself, but for those who she cares deeply about. I have mentioned many times on different posts how great of a woman she is but she never ceases to amaze me.

Adella, you are my rock. You have given me a new reason to do better in life. You have refreshed my being in ways that I never thought could be possible. Thank you for not being too crazy, for not being selfish, and for believing in what we share. I may not have always been the best me I could be and I’ve shown you sides of myself that you didn’t think I was capable of. But as we continue to build I want you to know that I will always strive to give you everything that you deserve from me and more. Forever and throughout the Universe.

Got caught up in a moment but I don’t care. This is how I’m feeling and I just have to be me. Now that’s something to truly be thankful for. So don’t wait until one day of the year to express how grateful you are or how people make you feel. Don’t just be grateful and thankful for the painfully obvious things in life or what other people are always expressing gratitude about (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, if that’s what you choose to do… Shit, it’s your life). It all just seems so disingenuous to me; lacking of any sincerity and projecting a false image of self. Just be real with yourself and others is all I’m getting at. To thine own self be true. Thank you readers for allowing me to be me.

I’ll still luv ya tomorrow….



  1. smarterwiser

    “to thine own self be true”..thank you for being you and willing to share. I am just beginning my journey out of an abusive childhood and 24 year marriage and it is an awesome thing to feel free to speak from the heart and soul without fear. Your words are gifted and true and for that, myself and I am sure others are grateful!

    • jimcolv

      Well I wish you nothing but success as you embark on your journey. Always remember to trust, respect and love yourself first. You cannot give another person something that you don’t have for yourself.

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