New Year, Same S*** or Will It Be?

Some motherfucker’s are always trying to ice skate uphill. ~ Blade

First and foremost, I’d like to say… Know what… I’m not going to say s***. Glad to see that you all made it through the Mayan catastrophe. I was out here laughing my ass when December 23rd rolled around and the world was still spinning; that should teach some people that believe in fairy tales and myths.

So now it’s a brand new year. Some people have made all types of resolutions: losing weight, make more money, be happier, slap more people, etc. But if history and time are any indication of the lives that a lot of people lead, most of those promises that people made to themselves will be forgotten about by February, if they haven’t already given up completely already.

Want to start the year of talking about how Karma is a bitch. Yeah I said it. I happen to believe in the theory of Karma. Some people call it cause and effect or the natural effects of causation, others call it reaping what you sow. I call it the bitch that will get you when you least expect it. The energy we put out in the world will somehow find its way back to you. I believe that’s a natural law of our existence and physics; what goes up must come down, yada yada…

You keep f****** people over and one day you will end up on the raw end of that deal. It may not get you now, it may not get you in a couple of years but eventually that bitch is going to pay you a visit and all you can do at that point is hold that. I’ve had my share of Karmic energy coming back. I wasn’t always a forthcoming cat or cared much about what was going on, as long as I was able to get mine, everything was Kool and the Gang in my book. But that’s not how this life operates.

There comes a time when one must accept responsibility for their actions and be willing to face the consequences of their decisions; good, bad or indifferent. This is one of many life lessons that I’ve learned. I’ve also learned that it’s alright to admit when you’re in over your head or that you simply don’t know the answer to everything. It’s not wise to pretend do so because you only end up looking like a fool in the end.

Honestly I’m tired of doing the same stuff all the time. I try to do the right thing but end up on the wrong side. I’m not usually one to make resolutions, so here’s my promise: F*** it, I’m done. Whatever happens the rest of the year, so be it. I tried being the bigger person, I tried being sensible but apparently a person has to act a fool in order to get their point across. I’m willing to accept whatever comes with that.

So say goodbye to the good guy…. Bone is back.


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  1. T

    Happy 2013 Jimmy-Jim!

    ha! New Years Resolutions are for suckers… It could be May 31st and if you decide you want to say “EFF IT!”, then EFF IT! Being an adult often means we have lived enough years to gain wisdom from our personal experiences and at this stage in life, have no qualms with telling people that they are no longer welcome in our circle (<— putting it nicely). I'm not necessarily a believer in Karma, but I am starting to become an AVID believer in (and have beard witness to) the "360 degree" concept. Ahh, the love/hate emotions I have with being in my 30s… lol.

    ~Insomniac maniac chic in NY

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