Never heard the story of young George Stinney. That’s a sad tale.



Racism is a not a cause to me, it has always been a means to an end. I believe for some person if material comfort means treating people badly they are more than happy to go for it. At the end of the day race is the easiest difference to point out and to rally others around. If enough people have that mentality then large-scale, systematic exploitation of millions can happen and it has happened, and it is happening now. Slavery is still alive and well in the world, sex and human trafficking is a reality not just a story. However  I feel collectively, as a whole are  closed off to talking about it.

  1. I have noticed a recalcitrance to engage in a serious discussion about past transgression in America.  Any time the Africa American  and Black Experience ( Notice how those two words are different) are brought up, no…

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    • jimcolv

      I’m doing well. I’m on the last leg of this deployment. Will be heading home shortly. No need for worries, although I understand the concern. This place is definitely not for everyone.

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