Nationalism Scares me & Put Away The Flags by Howard Zinn

Interesting read.


Nationalism is a scary thing. I mean take a look at WW1 whenever nationalism is at an all time high something dies whether within the boundaries of  whatever country it is happening in or outside their borders. I’ve never been one for sentimentality, or celebration (I am not curmudgeonly at all). I’m not trying top be a kill-joy or a buzzkill but as a citizen of the USA and a denizen of the world I cant help but reflect on the times, the historical significance of where we are as a nation and as a global society. This little ditty by Howard Zinn got me thinking and while I know thinking is frowned upon I thought I would share it with you. I figured if you read this much so far and are continuing to read it doesn’t have to worry about the usual negativity that comes from talking about serious things on a day off 

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